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Handcraft in Wood and Metal - A Handbook of Training in Their Practical Working for Teachers, Students, &amp Craftsmen

ОписаниеThis antique book contains a detailed handbook on handcrafting in wood and metal. The author s intention is to show the possibilities of craftwork as an educational subject, and to briefly indicate its cultural aspects. Designed as a training book for the practical working of teachers, students and craftsmen, this text is perfect for the amateur and makes for a great addition to handcrafting literature. The chapters of this book include: Historical Notes on Wood and Metal , First Year Models , Second Year Models , Third Year Models , Historic Craftwork and its Application to Classwork , Material Used in Handcraft Work , Decorative Processes in Wood and Metal Work , and many more. We are proud to republish this book here complete with a new introduction on woodworking.
Язык издания2009
Год выпуска9781443793124
ISBNОтдельное издание
Вес в упаковке, гАнглийский

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